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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  August 3, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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security cage he faces charges of corruption and murder. will mubarak be brought to justice for allegedly ordering the deaths of protesters during the uprising in february. it's "way too early" for this. good morning. i'm willie geist this is "way too early," the show that will start doing the show from a gurney as it tries to wake up at this hour. glad you are up with us watching on msnb or listening live on sirius xm radio. e-mail me or tweet me and let me know what you're doing now or do what the whole of egypt does and text the word awake followed by your response to 622639. we'll read the best responses later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this wednesday, august 3rd. a lot to tell you about, including 4,000 faa employees out of a job after the senate
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failed to come up with emergency pay for them. and back to the breaking news of the pre-debt fight world, there was an escaped peacock on the loose on the upper east side of manhattan yesterday. complete team coverage later in the show. first the news live at 5:30 a.m. at 30 rock in new york city. after months of negotiation and political rhetoric, and just hours before the midnight deadline, congress passed legislation to raise the nation's $14.3 trillion debt ceiling. the senate voted to approve the deal 74-26 guaranteeing the u.s. will not default on its obligations allowing it to begin borrowing more money to pay the bills. president obama signed the bill into law in the early afternoon, seen here without observers or fanfare. speaking in the rose garden just after the vote, the president praised congress for finally passing the compromised deal. but he immediately shifted his focus to fixing the economy and creating jobs. >> it shouldn't take the risk of
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default, the risk of economic catastrophe to get folks in this town to work together and do their jobs. because there's already a quiet crisis going on in the lives of a lot of families and a lot of communities all across the country. they're looking for work and they have been for a while. or they're making do with fewer hours or fewer customers. we have to do everything in our power to grow this economy and put america back to work. that's what i intend to do. >> senate majority leader harry reid and mitch mcconnell also weighed in on the legislation passed yesterday. they did that before leaving on a month-long recess. >> in the end the two sides came together. that's how our system works. neither side got what they wanted. each side laments some of the things we had to give up. that's the way it is.
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>> we don't believe and the american people don't believe that raising taxes, job-killing tax increases in the middle of this serious recession is a direction we ought to take. and the bill we just passed avoided doing that, even though the administration desperately wanted to raise taxes. a 12-member joint congressional committee will be formed over the coming weeks to find another 1$1.5 trillion in savings. a key question is whether the committee, which must make recommendations by thanksgiving, will address increased tax revenue, something democrats say is necessary but republicans oppose. moody's investor service weighing in on the debt limit increase confirming the u.s. will keep for now it's aaa bond rating but the agency assigned a negative outlook, this comes as the dow continues its downward slide, falling more than 265 points yesterday. the eighth consecutive day of losses. let's look at the markets now as
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we get up in your business this morning. cnbc's anna edwards is live with thus morning. what happened yesterday? >> we certainly didn't see calm markets. you mentioned the fall on the dow. we saw the s&p turning negative so far so all the gains made up to this point were wiped out. the "wall street journal" headline summing it up, economic fears hit global markets because this selloff we saw spread into world markets. the debt ceiling may have been resolved in the short-term, but that just cleared the decks for people to focus on how weak was the u.s. economy and the global economy beforehand and secondly what impact is this -- are these cuts that we're going to see coming through from washington going to have. >> we mentioned moody's as well,
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anna. they said the united states will keep for now its aaa rating but assigned a negative outlook to the u.s. economy. what does that tell you? >> well, it means that the aaa rating is safe for now, essentially. moody's saying the u.s. can keep the aaa, but they are giving this negative outlook, which means they will keep it under review, and there is still this risk out there in the markets that we could see a downgrade. we have not heard from all of the ratings agencies in response to what was achieved in washington over the weekend on the debt ceiling, the debt deal and cuts in spending. we are waiting to hear that. we have heard from smaller and non-u.s. ratings agencies that they already decided to downgrade the united states. >> the debt ceiling fight is behind us for now but an ugly economy lies ahead. thank you very much. appreciate it. with the debt negotiations officially over, congress on recess until september. but one issue has quietly slipped through the cracks. a battle over the federal
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aviation administration and its budget. the senate tried and failed yesterday to end the stalemate that left tens of thousands of workers out of work and without paychecks. lisa myers has the story. >> reporter: in the last ten days, 241 airport modernization projects around the country have been shut down. laying off 70,000 construction workers. also sent home without paychecks, 4,000 faa employees. >> we feel like we're pawns in a political game. >> reporter: dan, an faa engineer in pittsburgh, says the loss of pay hurts everyone. >> >> i'm concerned with whether or not i'm going to be able to pay my mortgage. >> reporter: now the house has left town for the rest of the summer without ending the stalemate meaning these workers could be laid off for five more weeks. >> this is not the way to treat people. the money is there for these construction projects to go on. all congress has do is pass a bill. >> reporter: the partisan bickering centers on the
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insistence of house republicans that any bill to keep the faa operating curb costly subsidies from flights to and from 13 rural airports. some in the states of powerful democrats. >> all we're trying to do is end these wasteful subsidies, some as high as $3,700 a ticket. >> reporter: democrats accused republicans of a stunning display of politics over people. >> because they passed a bill and said to the united states senate either you take it our way or it will be no runway and no highway and no way. >> reporter: the federal government is losing $200 million a week in airline ticket taxes. in most cases, that savings is not being passed on to the public. but instead being pocketed by the airlines. >> lisa myers reporting for us. another detail out of that story, dozens of airport inspectors being asked by the faa to work without pay and to put company government travel expenses on their personal
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credit cards. could lead to a loss of $1 billion in revenue all of this for the united states government. president obama now turning his attention to his re-election campaign for the next couple of days. the president will return home to chicago to attend a 2012 fund-raiser. it's a celebration for his 50th birthday which is tomorrow, august 4th. there will be performances by herbie hancock, jennifer hudson and okay go. and gabrielle giffords emotional return to the house floor on monday is sparking her discussion about her possible re-election bid. the congresswoman who was wounded during january's shooting in tucson is still undergoing rehabilitation. a spokesman said giffords has not said whether or not she will run for re-election but they are putting all the pieces in place if she so desires. in egypt, the corruption trial for former president
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mubarak is now in recess after mubarak was wheeled into court today on a hospital gurney. the 83-year-old was placed into a defendant's cage made of iron and mesh bars as he waited for the hearing to begin. mubarak, his interior minister and six police officers are charged with murder and attempted murder in connection with more than 800 protesters cu killed during february's riots. upon arriving the courthouse, mubarak was met by protesters, some of whom were restrained by riot police. he was flown in this morning by helicopter along with his medical team. still ahead here on "way too early," tiger woods back on the golf course for the first time in months and hoping a terrible chin beard might change his fortunes. we'll tell you what he had to say about the caddy he just
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canned. plus the night in baseball ahead in sports. and vladimir putin gets more odd by the day. this time he's bending pans with his bare hands and challenging anyone who would dare arms s e wrestle him. >> i must tell those who fail to report for duty this morning that they are in violation of the law and if they do not report for work within 48 hours, they have forfeited their jobs and will be terminated. [ male announcer ] want a better way to track what you spend?
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it feels like it disappeared on my eye! [ male announcer ] discover why it's the brand eye doctors trust most for comfort. acuvue® oasys brand. welcome back to "way too early." 5:43 in the morning. that's beautiful picture of the sun coming up over new york city from the top of our building at
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rockefeller center. let's get a check of the weather from bill karins. >> reporter: good morning. welcomed changes today. this is the break that the mid-atlantic needed, it's been brutally hot there all summer long. you can see the green on the map, that's rain coming down from pennsylvania, over ohio. thunderstorm in minneapolis. this will slide down from d.c. to richmond, raleigh, charlotte and give you more clouds. the sun won't be quite as strong. there's what we're looking at, instead of 90s, everybody in the low to mid 80s. this will feel chilly compared to how it's been. 70s in hartford and boston. enjoy a break from our heat. we're watching what will happen with the tropical storm, emily. looks like it will head over haiti and dominican republic later on tonight. the hurricane center thinks it should survive that and be a hurricane at the tail end of this weekend, dangerously close to south carolina and north carolina. we'll watch florida, too. it does not appear that it will
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be a big, huge storm at this point. this was the high temperatures yesterday in the middle of the country. 112 in tulsa, oklahoma. today about 109 in dallas. >> no break for dallas. we are getting breaks in the northeast. how many consecutive days is this for dallas? >> i think 32 days in a row. the record is 42. >> we have just gotten into august. thank you very much. time for sports. tiger woods made his return to the golf course yesterday. he is preparing for this weekend's firestone tournament in akron, ohio. he has not finished a tournament since the masters four months ago. >> the great thing is i don't feel a thing. it feels solid. it feels stable. no pain. steve and i have had an amazing run. stevie is a hell of a caddy. no denying that. he's helped my career. and i think i helped his as well.
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we've been -- we've had a great partnership for 12 years, maybe more than that. won a bunch of tournaments. i felt it was time to change things up a bit. >> steve williams was most surprised by tiger's decision. red sox and indians at fenway last night. youkilis home run into the seats above the green monster. game tied at two. to the bottom of the ninth. jacobi ellsbury delivers a line drive to center field, jarrod saltalamacchia hustling around trying to score from second. great slide by the boston catcher. red sox win it on a walk-off. that was a walk-off win in the ninth. 3-2 is the score. yankees also won. still a game behind the sox in the a.l. east. cardinals and brewers, good game. dangerous pitch. oh. drilled albert pujols in the hand. he would shake it off and stay in the game. that scares you. that was the head, actually.
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cardinals retaliate coming inside on ryan braun. you hit our best player, we hit yours. just missing him. next pitch. there he goes. gets braun, back-to-back pitches. things got testy. lance berkman singles to left, that scores matt holliday. cards win 8-7. milwaukee still two and a half up on st. louis in the a.l. central. phillies looking to improve against the colorado rockies. big night for ryan howard. baseball's best team in the fourth inning, he hits a bomb. 443 feet to the second deck in right field. in the eighth does it again off matt lindstrom. his 23rd of the year. phillies beat the rockies 5-0. they have the best record in baseball. the mets lost last night to the marlins 4-3. still a night to remember for one young mets fan.
5:48 am
11-year-old jake resnick won a contest to announce part of the game on live television. and he was in the booth for a big moment in the third inning. >> here's the first pitch. reyes rips it, back it goes! it's gone! a home run for jose reyes. and the mets tie the game! jose reyes with a solo shot on the first pitch from brad haren and he takes it into the left field seats. >> gary cohen a great play by play guy for the mets, but look out that kid is good. coming up, president obama signs into law the debt bill that washington has been brawling over for the last several weeks. now the president says it's time to get back to fixing the economy. talk about what he's got up his sleeve on "morning joe." when we come back, we'll huddle up around the water cooler to watch one mayor in lithuania take an illegal parking problem into his own
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hands. yes. that's him driving a tank over illegally parked vehicles. "way too early" is coming right back. [ male announcer ] members of the american postal workers union handle more than 165 billion letters and packages a year. that's about 34 million pounds of mail every day. ever wonder what this costs you as a taxpayer? millions? tens of millions? hundreds of millions? not a single cent. the united states postal service doesn't run on your tax dollars. it's funded solely by stamps and postage. brought to you by the men and women of the american postal workers union. ♪
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last two weekends, working late. for me personally, i've been here for a long time. i have a home in nevada that i haven't seen in months. my trees are blossoming. i have some figu trees and rose and stuff i haven't seen. >> harry reid looking forward to spending some time with his trees as the senate and house break for the august recess. they won't be back in washington until after labor day. if you want to sound smart, tell your friends that house members have already spent 63 days in recess while the senate has had 30 days. much of that time is spent back with constituents and raising money for campaigns. let's huddle up around the water cool tore watch vladimir putin's latest display of physical strength. he makes a habit of these
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things. just yesterday he was at a c ccam camp for kids. he did some rock climbing in his khakis and button-down and officiated some arm wrestling tournaments. but the man can only watch so long before he wants in on the action. there he is arm wrestling one of the counselors at the camp, later he tries to bend with his bare hands a frying pan. that's your russian prime minister. he has that adventurous side. let's look back at some of his greatest hits. driving a race car last november a formula 1 car, going up to 150 miles per hour. he took that for a spin. my personal favorite, shirtless on horseback. tough to beat that one. that was in the summer of 2009. also doing a little karate,
5:54 am
martial arts a few years back. beating up some kids. in lithuania, a mayor there has taken a novel approach to the problem there of illegal parking. it's the capital city of lithuania. he's rolling over illegally parked cars. that's a mercedes, by the way. he's in a tank. he's an advocate of cycling. he wants people to use bikes, and if you park in the bike lane, he will roll up in his tank. the point is made, don't illegally made or i'm coming at you with my tank. did you see the breaking news yesterday once we got past all the debt mess? it was time to focus on the important issues like escaped peacocks. >> check this out. that is a peacock perched on a window sill. >> he has been there for some time, at least since 1:00. we're across the street from the central park zoo. >> a central park zoo peacock flew the coup and is on the
5:55 am
window sill. >> mr. peacock, we had our fun. get down from there and get home safely. >> the peacock perched on the window ledge of a posh 5th avenue apartment. he fell asleep on the ledge at about 9:00. have a problem of escaped animals from zoos. in april, mia, the bronx zoo cobra escaped. one more clip we want to show you, paul ryan, how has he been keeping a level head during this debt fight? it turns out he is going deep, say back to 1984. the man keeps his ipod on and rocks out to grudge. here he is. >> before the vote you were rocking out in the lobby on your ipod. i was curious what you were playing. >> who was it? it was one of your cnbc guys who asked me. i was listening to filter.
5:56 am
>> yeah? >> i listen to grunge. >> what do you think about your son -- not that one, but a different one. >> i'm not going to sing it for you. >> the boys over at squawkbox. filter's 1994 single right now, "hey man nice shot." that's what paul ryan is listening to while he's shaping the future of our country. still ahead, your well-meaning tweets and texts are next. "morning joe" moments away. i'm always looking out for small ways to be more healthy.
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number one story right now on, a wildly used ptsd drug fails in testing. we asked at the top of the show what you're doing at this hour. >> christopher writes i'm awake because i'm trying to ask a girl out on a date and trying to find a nice place to


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